I Require This

Thanks Mood!

I had a $30 Groupon for Mood Designer Fabrics so this girl just bought herself some pretty fabric to make something pretty to wear for Valentine’s Day.

Swatch #1: 2.5 yards

Swatch #2: 2 yards

 Pretty and feminine cotton in some easy patterns.  It’s always nice to brighten up a dreary winter day with some potential wardrobe color.

Snow Day Uber-Productivity

I woke up to a cold, snowy, and ICY morning.  My plans of a 7 mile run around Loch Raven were squashed.  After feeling slightly discombobulated (and maybe even weighing the pros and cons of running anyway) I decided to take a hint from Mr. Desi.

Stay in and chill.  No need to rush.  It’s a Saturday.

With my schedule now wide open I decided to finally finish my dress I started back in the summer (I blame grad school for the month long hiatus).

I’m mildly ashamed it took me that long to do McCall’s M6200.  Super easy pattern meant not so much pressure to finish it I suppose.  When I was finished I thought it looked a little boring and blah so I added a flower pin.

The fabric I chose looks a little cheap but now that I know the pattern I’ll probably buy fabric that’s a tad more expensive next time I want to make it.  I’d also add an inch or two to the bottom.  I’m 5’8” which I guess is taller than average?  Once I hemmed it, I came up a little shorter than I’d like.  Note to self – no bending over whilst wear this dress.

I’m thinking I might just go to the gym and do 5 or 6 miles on the treadmill.  Oh the torture of a guilty runner’s conscience.

Craft Homework

With my month-long break from grad school, I want to make sure I do plently of fun things before homework comes back to nag on my guilty conscious.  This morning I decided I need pretty storage systems for toiletries.  Intoducing Sunday’s mission:

Fabric Scrap Baskets – tutorial courtesy of The Sometimes Crafter.

That seems pretty perfect for my random bobby pins, hair ties, head bands, make-up brushes, etc. etc. etc.

This might turn in to a fabric box organizing explosion.  I’m looking at you hall closet.

The Adventures of Knitty McGee

These fingers have been busy lately.  After finally finishing my cable scarf-turned-cowl as modeled by the lovely Lucy Pupperton…

I began a baby blanket for my nephew to be!

 I’ve just started another baby blanket but I think it might have to wait until I knit myself some mittens – January has reared its ugly head and dang is it cold!

Crafting for Charity

I subscribe to Craftzine.com’s blog on my googlereader (don’t even get me started how many posts I need to catch up on!) and their post today was about crafting for charity. I finished two knitting project this weekend (scarf for me and baby blanket for sister) and started knitting a manly scarf for Du, but once I’m all done that I’d love to knit for a few  awesome animal causes like Leggings for Life and The Snuggles Project.  ❤

Shirt Re-Edit

I stumbled across this little number a while ago and I loved it.  Leaves + scarf + apparent fuzzy felt!

I’m sure it was expensive so the cheapsake in me thought I could reproduce or maybe create something inspired by it.   This is what I came up with:

I took a bunch of old corduroy pants (green, blue, brown, and tan) and cut some leaves out.  Then I pinned them around the neckline and then sewed them in place.  In order to fight potential fraying, I used fray-stay where the corduroy was cut.  Unfortunately it only resulted in one wear.   The corduroy on my neck was more scratchy than I anticipated.  Neckline also got a little wonky, making the shirt awkward to really wear.  Fail.

All is not lost though!  I think I can maybe salvage my materials and do a riff of of this cute little top.

I think the shirt I used lends itself more to this design than the other.  Just no more scratchy neckline corduroy please.

And if I ever get around to actually getting some felt,  I still might try to make that scarf…