More proof that loving animals makes everything better

“Companion Animals Boost Kids Immune Systems
A recent study conducted by Finnish researchers from Kuopio University Hospital and published in the medical journal Pediatrics shows that children are at lower risk of contracting infectious diseases when they have contact with companion animals from birth. The study followed the lives of 397 kids from the time of birth to the age of one, and recorded each week the amount of time each child spent with their companion animal. Results indicated that children in canine-friendly homes had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections, 44 percent fewer ear infections, and were less likely to require antibiotic treatment than children in homes without a dog.”

Found via VegNews

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Considering said turtle was just sitting in the middle of the road this morning I don’t think he quite knows the answer to that joke.

What’s a girl to do but pull over on the side of the road and get him out of harms way?  Granted he wasn’t too pleased with me when I picked him up but I wasn’t too pleased with him either.  College entrance roads are not safe spots for reptile naps!

Sunday Funday

This weekend was soooooo nice.  I got to see so many of my favorite people but still have enough time to relax (read: nap).

To wrap up the weekend I made the Super Speedy Summer Hemp Power Salad for dinner on Sunday.  It was delish.  But I got to the finished product and realized I should have made some rice or quinoa to put it on.  I threw it on some baby spinach but ended up being hungry around 8 pm.  Womp womp.  I think I’ll also add a can of chickpeas to the recipe next time too.  I think that would make it filling enough for dinner.  I took a picture but my iphone doesn’t quite capture it the way the original blog does so if you want to see how pretty this recipe turns out – don’t look at me.  I just cook the stuff.

So what were we to do after a nice healthy dinner?  Go for a walk with our furry kids of course.

Lucy is pretty excited for the Olympics.  She decided she needed to practice her Pomeranian High Slide routine.  I gave her a score of 10.0 but Desi didn’t like her landing – he gave her a 8.0.  Next time Lucy, next time.

Running Week 7-8

I’ve been fairly good lately.  I had a wonderful 9 mile run around Loch Raven last Saturday.  My legs were feeling it though!  I wish I brought a gu or energy shot – I think I could have done 10 miles.  Once I got to 9, I couldn’t mentally get myself ready for another mile.

Here’s what happened/will happen this week:

  • Sunday, 2/19 – easy 30 minute recovery run
  • Monday, 2/20 – off (No time to do anything. We were good responsible adults and got our taxes done after work – womp womp.)
  • Tuesday, 2/21 – 45 minute work out courtesy of Oh She Glows.  I’d love to run that fast one day but I had to modify it a tad so I would be able to survive.
  • Wednesday, 2/22 – learning
  • Thursday, 2/23 – learning
  • Friday, 2/24 – I really want to kick myself in the butt for being a mild slacker this week.  So here’s the plan – 1 mile warm up, 7 x 800m (#1 = 600 cruise (this doesn’t mean easy), 200 fast (this does not mean all out, but close), #2 = 400 cruise, 400 fast, #3 = 200 cruise, 600 fast #4 = 800 fast, #5 = 200 fast, 600 cruise, #6 = 400 fast, 400 cruise, #7 = 600 fast, 400 cruise) 1 mile cool down.  Should total about 5.5 miles, but my math has been way off before so who the hell knows?

Next week I will be in beautiful Mexico!!  I hope to get some runs in.  Husband has said he’d run with me!  But I’m going to play it by ear and not have a specific schedule.  I’d be happy to get in at least one 5 mile run. But I might just be too busy swinging on a hammock, eating guacamole, and drinking margaritas.  It’s all about priorities…

Necessity List

I decided to go into the New Year only buying things I absolutely need and then trying to make the rest.  I figured this would push me to sew/knit more.  I definitely have but it seems like the things I need to buy now are more expensive that I’d like them to be.  Then I start feeling overwhelmed monetarily and have to breathe into a paper bag.  List making always calms me down when I feel out of control – so that’s precisely what I am going to do.

Item No. 1 – New running shoes.  Whenever my knees start talking to me, I know it’s time for a new pair.  I just wish nice running shoes weren’t so expensive.  I bought Brooks Glycerin 9 last year for my half marathon training.  I initially thought they were the ugliest thing in the world but I bought them anyway because they felt awesome.  After miles and miles together, they’ve grown on me.  I now look at their ugliness with fondness and wouldn’t mind another pair.

Item No. 2 – Another pair of WARM running tights.  Maryland winters aren’t just cold – they are damp, feel-it-in-your-bones, would-you-like-some-wind-with-that? cold.  I have one really warm pair of running pants, and two not so warm but get the job done pants.  I’d love another pair so I can go a week without wearing the same pair twice (it’s gross I know, but I’m not above sniffing my pants to see if they are wearable).

Item No. 3 – New bathing suit for Mexico.  I haven’t bought a new bathing suit in a couple years. It might be time.  I think they may be purchased at Target for cheap.  This one seems cute enough enough.

Item No. 4 –  School books.  Ugh.  No way around this one.  At least amazon can save me from the University $tore prices.

Item No. 5 – Baby Shower things.  This will encompass quite a bit.  Only sister’s first kid.  I will be going all out.  Well, as all out as I can.

Anyone have any money I can borrow? 🙂

Snow Day Uber-Productivity

I woke up to a cold, snowy, and ICY morning.  My plans of a 7 mile run around Loch Raven were squashed.  After feeling slightly discombobulated (and maybe even weighing the pros and cons of running anyway) I decided to take a hint from Mr. Desi.

Stay in and chill.  No need to rush.  It’s a Saturday.

With my schedule now wide open I decided to finally finish my dress I started back in the summer (I blame grad school for the month long hiatus).

I’m mildly ashamed it took me that long to do McCall’s M6200.  Super easy pattern meant not so much pressure to finish it I suppose.  When I was finished I thought it looked a little boring and blah so I added a flower pin.

The fabric I chose looks a little cheap but now that I know the pattern I’ll probably buy fabric that’s a tad more expensive next time I want to make it.  I’d also add an inch or two to the bottom.  I’m 5’8” which I guess is taller than average?  Once I hemmed it, I came up a little shorter than I’d like.  Note to self – no bending over whilst wear this dress.

I’m thinking I might just go to the gym and do 5 or 6 miles on the treadmill.  Oh the torture of a guilty runner’s conscience.

Weekend To-Do List

Things that I should do this weekend keep popping up in my head.  I feel like I should write them down so I actually feel accomplished come Monday.  It’s mostly boring adult things:

  • Run 6 miles Saturday morning
  • Go to Nature’s Fresh and get more chia seeds – my morning smoothies are the same without them.
  • Clean my car mats – I recently learned the lesson that soup is not easily transportable.  It took me until this morning to realize what that smell was.
  • Put my dang clean clothes away – they have been sitting in my hamper at the edge of my bed for a couple days.  Total adult fail.
  • Finish my t-shirt infinity scarf
  • Maybe actually finish a dress I started sewing in August (?!?!?!)
  • Make chili for RAVEN’S PLAYOFF SUNDAY!!

This list is way too small – I can’t remember everything I am supposed to do… this is why I have to write everything down!