Free Parsley Nomz?


Apparently when you are a cute little caterpillar you can eat whatever delicacies you find on my front stoop.

Weekend To-Do List

Things that I should do this weekend keep popping up in my head.  I feel like I should write them down so I actually feel accomplished come Monday.  It’s mostly boring adult things:

  • Run 6 miles Saturday morning
  • Go to Nature’s Fresh and get more chia seeds – my morning smoothies are the same without them.
  • Clean my car mats – I recently learned the lesson that soup is not easily transportable.  It took me until this morning to realize what that smell was.
  • Put my dang clean clothes away – they have been sitting in my hamper at the edge of my bed for a couple days.  Total adult fail.
  • Finish my t-shirt infinity scarf
  • Maybe actually finish a dress I started sewing in August (?!?!?!)
  • Make chili for RAVEN’S PLAYOFF SUNDAY!!

This list is way too small – I can’t remember everything I am supposed to do… this is why I have to write everything down!

I must have!

I randomly decided to re-arrange my bedroom furniture – by myself, at 8 pm, on a Tuesday…. don’t ask, I have no idea why.  I’m not absolutely sold on the resulting arrangment but I think just needs some additional decor to spruce up empty looking wall space.  I had an idea to make some victorian-esque silhouettes of me and Du on either side of our bedside tables.  Perusing etsy for some inspiration I came across these:

Yep, those are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy silhouettes filled with Pride and Prejudice quotes.   They are just absolutely perfect and I need them.


Proof that organizing your books by color and not by author, genre, or title is completely normal.

Thank you Design Sponge.  You always know how to make me feel slightly less silly about my aesthetic choices at home.

Where in the world is my husband this week?

Du loves his job to bits and pieces.  I would love it more if he didn’t travel so much. I guess managing multiple people on the east coast requires a bunch of flying around.  I can say that when he is home, it feels like a super awesome vacation of fun.  We squeeze in as much as we can and really appreciate every single second we get to spend together.

The problem that arises is my terribley forgetful brain.  I can never remember where he is going, when he is leaving, and when he will be back.  So when someone inevitabley asks, “where is Duda this week?”  I usually respond with an “ummmm…” and an awkard oh-my-goodness-I am-the-worst-wife-ever face. It’s not like he doesn’t tell me these things, numerous times, I just can’t remember.  So in trying to combat my mushy brain, I’m trying to come up with ways of documenting Du’s comings and goings.

I’m mulling over getting a pretty map and using push pins to tell me where he is/will be.  I found these pretties on Etsy (of course).

I found this wall organization system at Pottery Barn but it might be a little extensive for my purposes.  If I could have the white board calendar attached to a map it would be perfect!