Necessity List

I decided to go into the New Year only buying things I absolutely need and then trying to make the rest.  I figured this would push me to sew/knit more.  I definitely have but it seems like the things I need to buy now are more expensive that I’d like them to be.  Then I start feeling overwhelmed monetarily and have to breathe into a paper bag.  List making always calms me down when I feel out of control – so that’s precisely what I am going to do.

Item No. 1 – New running shoes.  Whenever my knees start talking to me, I know it’s time for a new pair.  I just wish nice running shoes weren’t so expensive.  I bought Brooks Glycerin 9 last year for my half marathon training.  I initially thought they were the ugliest thing in the world but I bought them anyway because they felt awesome.  After miles and miles together, they’ve grown on me.  I now look at their ugliness with fondness and wouldn’t mind another pair.

Item No. 2 – Another pair of WARM running tights.  Maryland winters aren’t just cold – they are damp, feel-it-in-your-bones, would-you-like-some-wind-with-that? cold.  I have one really warm pair of running pants, and two not so warm but get the job done pants.  I’d love another pair so I can go a week without wearing the same pair twice (it’s gross I know, but I’m not above sniffing my pants to see if they are wearable).

Item No. 3 – New bathing suit for Mexico.  I haven’t bought a new bathing suit in a couple years. It might be time.  I think they may be purchased at Target for cheap.  This one seems cute enough enough.

Item No. 4 –  School books.  Ugh.  No way around this one.  At least amazon can save me from the University $tore prices.

Item No. 5 – Baby Shower things.  This will encompass quite a bit.  Only sister’s first kid.  I will be going all out.  Well, as all out as I can.

Anyone have any money I can borrow? 🙂

The Perfect Necklace

Du and I don’t really fight ever.  But sometimes I wish we did. That way he could get me beautiful “I’m sorry” gifts – like this one.

Considering he just bought me mucho expensivo glasses, I’ll just put this little guy on my wish list.  Oh Silver Spoon Jewelry, you complete me.

clothes fit

Sometimes this happens.

 Thank goodness for husbands being home and being nice enough to make me breakfast.

I blame this dress:

My numerous attempts to make it not look like a mumu (moomoo?) on me have met with defeat.  One day I will be victorious, today was just not that day.

Things I Need for the Impending Winter

Item Number 1:  A space heater for under desk at work.  My feet are so cold and it’s only 60 degrees outside.  That’s just not right.

Item Number 2: Work appropriate slippers.  Do these exist?

Item Number 3: More tights.  Preferrably in fun colors.

Item Number 4: Socks you can wear with ballet flats.  More investigation is necessary for this item.

Item Number 5: More wintery appropriate dresses á la this dress.  Add a cardigan and sweater tights and I’d be set.

Oh Stirrups

I knew it was only a matter of time…but I still wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready for  it.  And for the low price of $295 – down from $845.  2011 Caitlin is not really ok with this.

However, my third grade self would have been so happy in those with my keds and scrunchy socks.  Most likely also in an over-sized puff-painted sweatshirt.  Do you really want to be associated with that time in my life Chloe?