Pickling Fiends

I was listening to Maryland Morning yesterday and caught a segment about canning and pickling. 

I’m so going to try that peach chutney recipe.  I won’t encroach on my husband’s pickle-making fame.


More proof that loving animals makes everything better

“Companion Animals Boost Kids Immune Systems
A recent study conducted by Finnish researchers from Kuopio University Hospital and published in the medical journal Pediatrics shows that children are at lower risk of contracting infectious diseases when they have contact with companion animals from birth. The study followed the lives of 397 kids from the time of birth to the age of one, and recorded each week the amount of time each child spent with their companion animal. Results indicated that children in canine-friendly homes had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections, 44 percent fewer ear infections, and were less likely to require antibiotic treatment than children in homes without a dog.”

Found via VegNews