Running Week 7-8

I’ve been fairly good lately.  I had a wonderful 9 mile run around Loch Raven last Saturday.  My legs were feeling it though!  I wish I brought a gu or energy shot – I think I could have done 10 miles.  Once I got to 9, I couldn’t mentally get myself ready for another mile.

Here’s what happened/will happen this week:

  • Sunday, 2/19 – easy 30 minute recovery run
  • Monday, 2/20 – off (No time to do anything. We were good responsible adults and got our taxes done after work – womp womp.)
  • Tuesday, 2/21 – 45 minute work out courtesy of Oh She Glows.  I’d love to run that fast one day but I had to modify it a tad so I would be able to survive.
  • Wednesday, 2/22 – learning
  • Thursday, 2/23 – learning
  • Friday, 2/24 – I really want to kick myself in the butt for being a mild slacker this week.  So here’s the plan – 1 mile warm up, 7 x 800m (#1 = 600 cruise (this doesn’t mean easy), 200 fast (this does not mean all out, but close), #2 = 400 cruise, 400 fast, #3 = 200 cruise, 600 fast #4 = 800 fast, #5 = 200 fast, 600 cruise, #6 = 400 fast, 400 cruise, #7 = 600 fast, 400 cruise) 1 mile cool down.  Should total about 5.5 miles, but my math has been way off before so who the hell knows?

Next week I will be in beautiful Mexico!!  I hope to get some runs in.  Husband has said he’d run with me!  But I’m going to play it by ear and not have a specific schedule.  I’d be happy to get in at least one 5 mile run. But I might just be too busy swinging on a hammock, eating guacamole, and drinking margaritas.  It’s all about priorities…

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