Running Week 5-6

Week 5 was a total bust.  I had something funky going on with my stomach the whole week.  So i laid low, ate a BRAT diet, and felt 75% better by the weekend.

So on Sunday, 2/11  I was determined to do the best I could for a “long run” after not doing or eating a dang thing all week.  It took me 3 miles or so to find my groove but I was able to run about 6 miles.  So this week I decided to rearrange things a bit:

  • Monday, 2/13 – easy 5 miles
  • Tuesday, 2/14 – speed work – I did this crazy treadmill work out.  I was a sweaty mess by the end!
  • Wednesday, 2/15 – rest
  • Thursday, 2/16 – 5 mile tempo run
  • Friday, 2/17 – rest
  • Saturday, 2/18 – 8-10 mile long run

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