Running Schedule Week 4

I only punked out one day last week.  It was Wednesday night and I was pooped!  Sometimes you need to listen to your body and just give it a rest.  So instead of the scheduled 35 min tempo run, I did a 4 miles faster than normal make up for it.  I was not a happy camper at the time but I had such a wonderful 8 mile long run on Saturday, it makes me thankful that I push myself through the weekday maintenance runs.

Grad school starts again this week.  I’m going to miss my evening freedom.  I’m definitely going to need to re-arrange my workout schedule though.  Evening classes on Wednesday and Thursday will not allow me to do my normal Wednesday Thursday routine.  I might be able to make Wednesday night work – my class only goes until 6:30 pm.  We’ll see how it goes.

  • Monday, 1/30 – YOGA!  Oh my goodness I can’t remember the last time my body needed yoga this badly.  It’s screaming for a good scretch.
  • Tuesday, 1/31 -Speed Work totaling 5 miles – 1 mile warm up; 8 x 400m at sprint speed with a 20 second rest in between each lap; 800 easy; 4 x 800m at tempo speed; 400 easy; 1600m at goal race pace; 400m easy.
  • Wednesday, 2/1 – Easy 4 miles (if its not too late)
  • Thursday, 2/2 – Rest/Learn
  • Friday, 2/3- Tempo Run 40 mins
  • Saturday, 2/4 – 10 miles at the NCR Trail – I’m hoping since this trail is flat it will be relatively easy considering I am doing my tempo run the day before.
  • Sunday, 2/5 – 20-30 min recovery run

Update: The speed workout I posted was bananas!  It was waaaaaaaay longer than I calculated.  Oh, simple arithmetic.  Here’s what actually happened.  1 mile warm up; 4 x 800m at sprint speed with 20 second rest in between; 800m easy; 4 x 800m at tempo speed with 20 second rest in between; 400m easy.  If you want to do 7 miles of speed work though, by all means do the workout above. 


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