Skin Care Revamp

Now that the colder weather is upon us it’s become glarly obvious that my current skin care routine just isn’t cutting it.  My face is feeling dry and mildly irritated after washing.  I’ve used Pro-Activ since college with great results.  It clears my face up but there are some things I’ve had a hard time over-looking lately.

“Originally, our ingredients were selected before information on ingredient sources was readily available. Now, our regulatory group is reviewing each and every ingredient to help us move toward formulations that are free of animal-derived ingredients. As a result, there are very few remaining animal-derived ingredients in our products. In addition, Proactiv products never have been and never will be tested on animals.”Pro-Activ

It’s nice to know they emphasize no animal testing but not everything is vegan.  Major frowny face.  It also contains some seriously harsh stuff.  It bleaches everything it touches.   The towels in my house all have at least one or two bleach spots from me accidentally wiping my face on them.  If that’s what happens to my towels then that can’t be good for my skin.

So my next research project is finding an awesome, effective vegan skin care routine that isn’t going to break the bank.  Here’s what I’ve been looking into so far:

  • Aveda – vegan; set includes cleanser, toner, and lotion; comes in at a whopping $74.  Ugh – that’s a lot of cabbage to shell out for my face.
  • Pratima – vegan; does not come in a set; cleanser ($18), toner ($19), and lotion ($32) comes to $69.  Still a little pricey.
  • Avalon Organics – mostly vegan (they helpfully list the products that aren’t); cleanser ($10.95), toner ($10.95), and lotion with SPF!! ($16.95) comes to about $40.  Totally do-able but is it inexpensive because it doesn’t work?
  • Lush – lists its vegan products; I’ve heard good things; the consistency of their products looks slightly odd…which might require in-person investigation.

My next phase of Operation: Skin Care Revamp will include a forray into big girl make up.  I’ve been mulling Bare Minerals over for a while…but I’m just so darn cheap!

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