I must have!

I randomly decided to re-arrange my bedroom furniture – by myself, at 8 pm, on a Tuesday…. don’t ask, I have no idea why.  I’m not absolutely sold on the resulting arrangment but I think just needs some additional decor to spruce up empty looking wall space.  I had an idea to make some victorian-esque silhouettes of me and Du on either side of our bedside tables.  Perusing etsy for some inspiration I came across these:

Yep, those are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy silhouettes filled with Pride and Prejudice quotes.   They are just absolutely perfect and I need them.

One thought on “I must have!

  1. I love paper silhouettes and these are pretty cool! I finally had mine done at Disneyland with my Mickey Mouse ears on. It came out so cute and the lady cut it in about a minute. Fantastic experience!

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