Pre-Race Friday

Tomorrow is the big day!  13.1 miles through the beautiful streets of Baltimore.  And by that I mean abandoned row houses for about half of the race.  But whatevs!

I’m so excited!  Running for the American Cancer Society, thinking about all the people in my life who have battled cancer, will just give me the extra oomph I need on race day.

Today’s Agenda Includes:

  • Leaving work at 12pm – half day!!
  • Driving down 83 and making a lunch stop at Whole Foods – oh hello delicious and nutritious lunch bar
  • Going to the Festival Expo to pick up my race packet and to frolic amoungst the sales and vendors
  • Going home to play with puppies and do an easy 20 minute run to get me pumped for tomorrow
  • Taking a shower and maybe a nap to get all rested up
  • Making my super-duper-awesome-gas-tank-on-full-ready-to-go dinner.  It’s pretty much an easier version of this yummy meal – replacing brown rice with quinoa and using a pre-made thai peanut sauce.
  • Hanging out with Du who will get home around 9:30 from stupid ol Florida.



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