this weekend

Friday Night:

  • Date night with Du tonight at Bombay Nights. nom nom nom Indian food


  • 9 mile run at Loch Raven – in 53 degree weather!!  I’m so excited to not be running in 100% humidity!!  I like sweating, but not dripping.
  • Serious post-run nap time
  • Working on, not one, but TWO presentations for my grad classes this week.  Ugh.  Can I have my master’s now please?
  • Polish party in Bethesda at the sis du’s place.  We were charged with bringing the Polish libations.  Du found Tyskie (tisk-yeah) which is apparenlty pretty big in Buffalo.


  • Actually sleeping in (glorious glorious!)
  • Some cooking – I’m thinking I need to get my pumpkin baking engine in gear.  It’s October tomorrow!
  • Watching some FOOZBALL while I knit.  All while wearing sweatpants. I know how to multi-task.

have a good weekend!


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