Shirt Re-Edit

I stumbled across this little number a while ago and I loved it.  Leaves + scarf + apparent fuzzy felt!

I’m sure it was expensive so the cheapsake in me thought I could reproduce or maybe create something inspired by it.   This is what I came up with:

I took a bunch of old corduroy pants (green, blue, brown, and tan) and cut some leaves out.  Then I pinned them around the neckline and then sewed them in place.  In order to fight potential fraying, I used fray-stay where the corduroy was cut.  Unfortunately it only resulted in one wear.   The corduroy on my neck was more scratchy than I anticipated.  Neckline also got a little wonky, making the shirt awkward to really wear.  Fail.

All is not lost though!  I think I can maybe salvage my materials and do a riff of of this cute little top.

I think the shirt I used lends itself more to this design than the other.  Just no more scratchy neckline corduroy please.

And if I ever get around to actually getting some felt,  I still might try to make that scarf…


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